Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Saskatoon, SK,

Upon delving into a good book, I immediately enter into a relationship with the author, the characters, and the story. Each love affair is unique. I often find myself embedded in the world the author has created.

    My heart rarely beats faster than in the first moment I walk into a bookstore. As I take a couple steps passed the entrance, I stop to look around, breath in, and smile. My senses are heightened, my mind is clear, and I feel at peace.

    My adoration of bridges follows suit. Living in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan has sparked my appreciation for these beautiful pieces of architecture. To me, stepping onto a bridge evokes a sense of freedom. A bridge can symbolize the choice to cross over to a new era, to take on a new adventure, or to strive for a new circumstance.

    Whether it is a book, a movie, a collection of music, et cetera, I aspire to share my take on the pieces of work I encounter. I hope you enjoy what my site has to offer as I'll use it to share reviews and my views.

Master of None

I have come to learn that I am obsessed with simple, classic pieces of work. I appreciate well timed humour – awkward or not. Master of None is a perfect example of this.

Creators Aziz Ansari and Alan Young clearly possess the ability to capture the essence of many of life’s expected journeys. They expose the reality of certain circumstances that people tend to idealize. Whether it be the freedom and loneliness associated with singlehood, the joys and responsibilities of parenthood, or the allure and distress of life as an actor, this show depicts both the good and the bad.   

Aziz takes on the lead role of Dev, an actor who is best known for his work in a Go-Gurt commercial. His character is introduced well in the first episode of the series. He cleverly illustrates the reality of parenthood, capturing everything from the outright beautiful to the absolutely disgusting. Being an aunt or uncle seems pretty attractive at this point.

Besides its top-notch soundtrack, the most striking characteristic of this show is its sincerity. If you’re looking for an Instagram-filtered version of reality, you’re not going to find it here. On the other hand, if you’re seeking a show that exhibits genuine, entertaining, drab, and lovely aspects of life, Master of None is a worthy choice.