Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Saskatoon, SK,

Upon delving into a good book, I immediately enter into a relationship with the author, the characters, and the story. Each love affair is unique. I often find myself embedded in the world the author has created.

    My heart rarely beats faster than in the first moment I walk into a bookstore. As I take a couple steps passed the entrance, I stop to look around, breath in, and smile. My senses are heightened, my mind is clear, and I feel at peace.

    My adoration of bridges follows suit. Living in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan has sparked my appreciation for these beautiful pieces of architecture. To me, stepping onto a bridge evokes a sense of freedom. A bridge can symbolize the choice to cross over to a new era, to take on a new adventure, or to strive for a new circumstance.

    Whether it is a book, a movie, a collection of music, et cetera, I aspire to share my take on the pieces of work I encounter. I hope you enjoy what my site has to offer as I'll use it to share reviews and my views.

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Transforming Attachment Into Unlimited Potential

Casey Balon

I have come to see that it is through the mind, sometimes, that we can experience a false sense of loss – loss of what once was, loss of old stories, loss of what we thought we were.

But what is more powerful, more potent, than any perceived identity or attached narrative is the essence of our truest nature – the purity of that which we were created to be.

You see, when we open up to reveal and remember the truth that lies within us, we experience the possibility of unconditional love.

We experience All That We Are and All That Is.  

You see, this is what we were created to see…created to know….created to be.

This is what we have access to at all times, if we so choose.

You see, this beauty – this potential – is what we are.

And when you Know what you are, you Know that which everyone else is. You know whose you are – for you are a Child of the Universe, a Child of God. A Child of wholeness, unlimited potential, and vital purpose.

The question is: will you choose to remember the truth within you?

All the Love,