Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Saskatoon, SK,

Upon delving into a good book, I immediately enter into a relationship with the author, the characters, and the story. Each love affair is unique. I often find myself embedded in the world the author has created.

    My heart rarely beats faster than in the first moment I walk into a bookstore. As I take a couple steps passed the entrance, I stop to look around, breath in, and smile. My senses are heightened, my mind is clear, and I feel at peace.

    My adoration of bridges follows suit. Living in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan has sparked my appreciation for these beautiful pieces of architecture. To me, stepping onto a bridge evokes a sense of freedom. A bridge can symbolize the choice to cross over to a new era, to take on a new adventure, or to strive for a new circumstance.

    Whether it is a book, a movie, a collection of music, et cetera, I aspire to share my take on the pieces of work I encounter. I hope you enjoy what my site has to offer as I'll use it to share reviews and my views.

We See What We Choose to See

We all see what we are looking for, with our projections and perceptions shaping our reality. It’s kind of a beautiful thing, isn’t it?

We See What We Choose to See

Casey Balon


We said goodbye to my grandfather this past week. He had been declining in health for several months, and I believe he knew it was time to go to heaven.

(It’s interesting how, once a date associates itself with a significant event in your life, you tend to always know where you stand in relation to that date. Today, I didn’t know what date it was until I realized it was two days after Grandpa’s service, which was on Friday, April 13th, therefore, I knew it was now the fifteenth of the month.)

What I’ve come to understand this weekend is that, while we all are searching for the memories of Grandpa that stand out in our minds, perhaps we each start to see in him what we want to see in ourselves. Some saw minimalism in Grandpa, admiring that he was not a man who collected an unnecessary amount of things throughout his life; others remembered his wit, his intelligence. Me, well, I recall that he was a courageous man, unafraid to stand up against the corrupt. I admired his boldness, his ability to call for justice (something I know ignites a fire within me). I also remember his gentleness, his laugh, his ability to live out his truth – all things I believe to be of importance in my own life.

You see, Grandpa possessed many strong values, and I think that what each of us chooses to honour shines light on what we strive to be, to create, in our lives.

This idea speaks loud and clear to me this morning. This idea that we all see what we are looking for, with our projections and perceptions shaping our reality. It’s kind of a beautiful thing, isn’t it? We all see the playfulness or the desire for justice or the selflessness or the loving nature or whatever we choose to see in a person, in an experience, and in the greater picture of our lives. It’s empowering to understand that we are so deeply interconnected to the oneness of this universe that we can choose to create the dream we each call life – that we can choose to be who we want to be, to see what we want to see, to courageously act on what we want to act, and to experience what we want to experience. We are all powerful creatures, you see, not one of us more important or special than the next.